More than luck. Meet opportunity. We want to help you build a great design team and ship amazing products.

Design is no longer a task in Silicon Valley, it’s taking over the tech and startup industry. Since 2010, over 20 design studios have been acquired by tech companies. White Elephant Agency was founded in 2015 and aims to help companies harness the creative potential of their organizations. We realized that letting design lead your business isn’t something that Apple came up with, it’s something that top businesses have always done. Tech is only just figuring out how to embrace it.

It’s only through relationship building, which relies on communication and understanding, that the appropriate outcome can be reached. Algorithms can be programmed. Creativity is what inspires. We’re here to save our clients time, put their marketing dollars to appropriate use, and deliver results that exceed expectations.

“Luck is what happens when
preparation meets opportunity.”

– Seneca